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The Odell Bizzell Show--Life Based On a True Story

Dec 30, 2019

Did you know that your personal story or your business's story could be used as an additional stream of income?

If not then you will want to listen to this interview with Reesy Floyd-Thompson. Reesy teaches personal brands, non-profits, and small businesses how to use storytelling to attract more customers, make sales,...

Dec 27, 2019

Your business needs more publicity. But how do you do it?

In this episode I interview celebrity publicist and PR superstar Lillie Mae. In this interview we discuss:

- What to look for in a good publicist.

- What you should expect after you hire a publicist.

- How she got on the red carpet as a virtually unknown PR...

Dec 2, 2019

On this episode Odell interviews serial entrepreneur, college professor, and CPA Dr. Joseph Reid. Raised from humble beginnings Dr. Reid always felt a sense of direction and drive from his mother.


Her influence on his life allowed him to break the norm in his family and go on to get a PhD, in accounting. He recently...

Dec 1, 2019

Parenting is one of the toughest things anyone can do. The next toughest thing is to pivot from a flourishing medical practicioner into an alternate career path. Both things are what Dr. Jarret Patton had to do.


In this interview we briefly discuss his book "Whose Bad A*& Kids Are These?" In addition to that we...

Nov 15, 2019

Imagine your first sexual experience was forced upon you....and you were only 15


Then imagine that after being raped you become pregnant...


Then imagine having the baby anyway and raising that baby and graduating from high school and college...


If we stopped there that would be amazing, but Summer Owens' story...