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The Odell Bizzell Show--Life Based On a True Story

Sep 2, 2019

Dr. Thomas Huebner is the president of Meridian Community College and is a veteran educator of over 30 years. Dr. Huebner was the past president at East Mississippi Community College. EMCC was highlighted in the first 2 seasons of the Netflix special Last Chance U.


In this interview with Dr. Huebner we talk about the ill placed stigma many people have on community college as well as how community college is a solution to one of the biggest problems plaguing young graduates today: Student Loan Debt.


Dr. Huebner and Odell also discuss the roles of a college president, his career in higher ed, how other higher ed pros can climb higher in their career if they so choose.


Follow Dr. Huebner on Twitter: @MCCHuebner