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The Odell Bizzell Show--Life Based On a True Story

Sep 23, 2019

Everybody experiences pain, but how do you turn that pain into purpose? All of us have experienced trauma, but how do we turn that trauma into triumph?


Check out the latest episode of my podcast where I interview author and professional speaker Jessica Janniere where we discuss her story and how she was able to overcome so much in her life to begin sharing her story on a grand stage.


Jessica Janniere, Founder of the award winning personal development organization, Look Up and Beyond Inc., is committed to helping people overcome the pain of their past and current circumstances to live purpose-driven and fulfilling lives. By providing the specific tools needed to look up and beyond the adversity they've faced, along with hope from her own unique story, Jessica has inspired and transformed countless lives via workshops, conferences, keynote presentations and one-on-one coaching.


Find our more about her work at: