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The Odell Bizzell Show--Life Based On a True Story

Dec 27, 2019

Your business needs more publicity. But how do you do it?

In this episode I interview celebrity publicist and PR superstar Lillie Mae. In this interview we discuss:

- What to look for in a good publicist.

- What you should expect after you hire a publicist.

- How she got on the red carpet as a virtually unknown PR person and how you could use the same strategy to do the same.

- Why being a "celebrity" to your clients will help your business become more profitable.


Learn more about our guest here:

As President of Lillie Mae PR Agency and Creator of the Glambitious Empowerment Brand, Lillie Mae has dedicated her efforts over the past decade to empowering, recognizing and supporting entrepreneurs of all facets around the world.  From London to Egypt, she has connected with women through podcasts, books, masterclasses, innovative events and tours, to provide them with unique resources that would elevate them professionally and personally.  Having emerged from very humble beginnings in Winston Salem, North Carolina to becoming a graduate of the prestigious University of NC at Chapel Hill; Lillie Mae now travels the world as a motivational speaker inspiring people of all facets to overcome obstacles, face their fears, pursue their passion and live the life of their dreams.

Lillie Mae has been featured on Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Sheen Magazine, TMZ Live, XoNecole, Uptown Magazine, NBC 11Alive and more for her business savvy and public relations insight.  Her efforts have also included awarding Glambitious Business Grants to deserving female entrepreneurs, supporting single mothers in transition through community service initiatives and creating a women-only licensing program to encourage overnight entrepreneurship.  She is excited to continue enhancing her platform to meet the needs of women visionaries around the globe and invites readers to connect on Instagram @GlambitiousIAM

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